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Our corporate programs are 100% free and includes marketing campaigns, presentations & fun events for your employees.

Lower Cost

Less cars require fewer parking. Reduce costs & improve your bottomline.

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Reduce Stress

Employees are happier when they travel together with their colleagues.

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Better Productivity

Employees that are happy & better engaged at work, perform significantly better.

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More Sustainable

Achieve your sustainability goals by reducing your Carbon foorprint through carpooling.

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Customized Engagement Plans

A highly customized & gamified engagement plan that will surely make carpooling more fun for your company employees.

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"From helpdesks, to fun activities, Zify inspired 100s of our employees to sign up within a month after the launch!"

Rachel Darquier, HR Manager @Segro

Travel Trends & Data Reports

Measure the impact by tracking the results in real-time. Generate monthly & weekly cost reduction and sustainability reports.

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"Zify helped us measure our mobility impact. Now we have a clear picture on how our employees commute to work."

Jean Bouchard, Sustainability Manager @HSBC

Focus On Employee Happiness.

Empower them by upgrading their commute.
Foster sustainability and wellness at your workplace.

Improve Your Employee Commute.

Our mobility management team is available to assist you in your day-to-day activities.

Meet our mobility experts.

Our team of experts will help you create a carpooling initiative for your organization and work with you to ensure increased & successful adoption within your organization.

Data Privacy & Security Is Our No 1 Priority

At Zify, we take our customer data security and privacy protection very seriously.

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Top questions from corporates

How is Zify different from other?

Zify has experience working with over 100 organizations across 5 different countries and is also an official carpooling service provider for many City Transportation Authorities. Working with such a diverse customer group has enabled us to create the best & the most secured corporate carpooling platform, that is truly global.

Zify works with your organization with an extensive 360° approach combining consulting, technology stack, and execution strategy for a successfull implementation of managed carpooling service in your organization.

Is it possible to collaborate with other nearby organizations?

Absolutely! It is possible to collaborate with other organizations that are in the same vicinity or in the same campus. By default, our carpooling platform is not limited to any specific company to provide the largest offer and the best user experience possible, unless specifrically asked for. Indeed, the more drivers and passengers are active on the platform, the higher the chances are to get ride matches between drivers and passengers.

Does Zify provide support for the initial launch?

Yes. We design, create and follow a strategic launch plan with inputs from the HR & Communications team of the organization. It has various components for an effective launch such as helpdesk setup, email campaigns, flyers, event planning, etc.

Not only at the initial launch, but out team will continue to assist and work with you throughout the year to ensure a higher adoption of carpooling within your employees.

Is it possible to offer free credits to the employees?

Yes, you can buy travel credits in bulk at high discounts for your employees. The bulk discounts can be as high as 60% and has proven to be a far more favorable option by the employees too.

Providing travel credits to your employees is considered as a great perk under employee services and is highly appreciated. It shows that the organization is caring towards employee wellness and a healthy workplace.

Is Zify GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Zify is 100% GDPR-compliant and follows all other nessecary data security and privacy regulations.

Zify puts a huge focus on ensuring that our technology and infrastructure follows the rules of the land. User data privacy is of the highest importance to us, each data is encrypted using a 256-bit advanced encryption algorithm and is securely stowed behind a firewall. We do periodic reviews of our complete architecture to identify and fill gaps proactively.

In which countries does Zify operates?

Zify operates in France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and in India. Launching soon in more European countries and in China.

We do not have any geographical limitations to implement our Corporate Carpooling program anywhere in the world. If your country is not listed above, please get in touch with us to discuss about your requirements.