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Your safety is our top priority. Our multi-level verification process and an intuitive feedback mechanism ensures that only awesome people like you are part of this community

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Cashless payment! Car-owners can recover their complete vehicle ownership cost and not just the fuel cost*.

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Our incentive driven ride-sharing model ensures that your daily commute is easy on your pockets and is comfortable too.

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Dont just make friends online. Meet great new people daily. Who knows you might just find your next job!

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Your safety is our top prioriy. Our multi-level verification process and an intuitive feedback mechanisn ensures that only awesome people like you are part of this community.

Our verification process are a result of extensive research and numerous meetings with govenrment officials and law authorities. Our Patent pending ride-tracking system enables us to keep an eye on all the rides. Even when a vehicle deviates from its pre-defined route, we raise an alarm and immediately get in touch with the occupants. All this makes Zify, the worst place to commit any crime.

Not just we verify users, but we also carry out a detailed vehicle inspection to determine the worthiness of each vehicle to ply on the streets.

Cashless Payment

Driving your car was never this rewarding. All you have to do is share!

When you share a seat with a verified Zify user, they share the ride cost by transferring Zify Points to you (1 Zify Point = 1 Rupee). These points can be encashed by simply placing a request with our customer care.

All this happens within the app on a single tap. No more hassles of carrying change money or arguing with the Hyderabad auto folks.


Beat the heat and travel in comfort of an air-conditioned car at the price of a shared-auto. Our incentive driven pricing makes Zify affordable and yet comfortable. No more nagging with the Hyderabad Auto wallahs

For car-owners, its a great platform to recover your car-ownership cost along with the fuel cost*. The more you share, the more you earn!


Zify is a social community of awesome & cool people who believe in Ride-Sharing!

Share common interests and make new friends everyday! Meet interesting people and expand your offline social reach in Hyderabad. Who knows, you might just find your next job or get a new client or maybe a cool buddy to hangout with.

What Zify is about

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Our team is our biggest asset


Zify is a Hyderabad based early stage technology startup. Using web and mobile solutions, Zify is trying to solve the problem of daily commute by dynamic ride-sharing.


Based out of Hyderabad, India, we huddle up at the iconic Cyber Towers in Hitec City. With tea, cookies, music... our small yet uber cool office provides a positive and encouraging environment to solve one of the biggest problems in our life.

Join Us

As a technology startup we constantly look for talented individuals who believe in ride-sharing. We dont just look at your work experience, but your willingness to learn and go beyond your call of duty to deliver high quality work in a challenging and fast paced environment.

We would love to hear more about you and how you can contribute to Zify. Email your resume to career@zify.co along with 1) A brief about your work experience. 2) Why join a startup? 3) Ride-shairing - Challenges & their solution. 4) Why Zify?


Anurag S. Rathor, Founding Driver, CEO

Anurag is responsible for the strategy, partner relationship, customer service and overall growth. With a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, he worked for 6 years as a Technology Specialist with Wells Fargo across multiple teams. While not braggin about Zify, he loves playing basketball and go on road-trips.


Animesh: Finance Guru

Our finance guru and Excel Jedi. With an MBA in Finance and B.Com(Hons.) from N Wadia College, he takes care of all the number crunching, strategy making and planning.

In his free time, Animesh loves to go trekking and hiking.


Amit - Senior Frontend Engineer

Our very own "Genie". Having worked earlier in startups, Amit knows what it takes to build a world class product. He has extensive knowledge on multiple web technologies including PHP, HTML5, Jscript. While not working, Amit loves playing computer games, specially DOTA.


Priya : Market Research

Priya leads the Marketing and Market Research activities. She holds a MBA degree in Marketing from Manipal. She has 4+ years of experience working with a leading International Property Consultant firm in the retail advisory group. In her free time, Priya likes reading and a die-hard music lover.


Heena Lulla - QA Engineer

A developers "Nemesis". Heena is our QA Engineer who is responsible for breaking the system and identify bugs. She makes sure that not even the smallest of the bugs can pass through. While not working, Heena loves reading and listening to music.

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